March Creations

Paintings of Owls, wolves, eagles and buffalo have been keeping me busy from January through March. 

Large feathers are available from my collection for $45.00 each plus shipping.
Shipping is generally less than $8.00 USPS.

 Custom paintings, $50.00 

A Custom order can be created for you of your pet, or favorite animal and require a week to create.

Buffalo family

8X10 original acrylic painting  

    Introducing New Pieces available at

"The Alex Johnson Mercantile"  
Downtown Rapid City
or Custom order online 

"Buffalo in the snow"                     Original Acrylic Painting  on
White Turkey Feather

Trimmed with leather and beads
$45.00 plus shipping

Two Feather  Original Acrylic painting            on Turkey feathers.                                  "Buffalo on the Prairie"

Trimmed with leather and beads
          $60.00 plus shipping

"Buffalo Portrait" Original Acrylic                  Painting on a White                          
          Turkey Feather

Trimmed with leather and beads
        $45.00 plus shipping

"Buffalo" Original Acrylic Painting
 on a Turkey Feather

Trimmed with leather and beads
     $45.00 plus shipping

"Buffalo Running" Original Acrylic Painting  on a Turkey 

Trimmed with leather and beads
       $45.00 plus shipping

"Buffalo on the Prairie"
 Original Acrylic Painting on a Turkey Feather

Trimmed with leather and beads
$45.00 plus shipping
Spirit Reigned Art
will be at the following craft shows:
* South Canyon Elementary School Craft Fair      October 28th
* Pinedale Elementary School Craft Fair               November 4th

 3 Original Framed Watercolor Pieces are on          display at 
     The Alex Johnson Starbucks Location
Prints and more originals can be found at
         The Alex Johnson Mercantile
Buffalo Stampede  Acrylic on Buffalo Bull Skull  available at Alex Johnson Mercantile $350. plus shipping


 The Buffalo Round-up

 September 28 - 30 2017.

 At Custer State Park, South Dakota

Original artwork, painted on feathers in Acrylic. Special pricing for the feathers purchased at the round-up. Large Feathers $35.00      Custom orders $40.00 with         $10.00 down payment.                              Ornaments:                                   3" size $25.00                             2" size $20.00                                 

Selections of South Dakota Wildlife include:
Buffalo; aka Bison
Bald Eagles
Deer, and Elk

Watch for further Bloggs for more featured items!

              Thank You for Your Service

The title of this piece was
named by a Veteran. 

"Patriots of Nations" 

The original is framed and on 
display at the Starbucks connected
to the Alex Johnson Hotel downtown
Rapid City, SD.

Thank you to all the men and women 
who have kept and are keeping this great 
Nation of ours Free

Prints are available: $60.00

February 2017

Busy Creating this Black Backed

Woodpecker.  This bird is usually found in burned out areas. The feather was a custom order. The customer is hanging it on a piece of charred bark, most ingenious.

This is a watercolor painting of a turkey feather, with Buffalo stampedeing.  I usually just paint on a feather this has a new twist to it. It measures 8 x 22 inches. Next stop my favorite framer, Siryan at Celtic Connection.
Buffalo Stampede


Custom Order for a child

that loves the story of

Dragons eating Taco's  

This painting is framed and can be seen at the Alex Johnson Gift Shop

This piece and the one below were placed in Wine bottles 

This Buffalo Feather is trimmed with leather and glass beads and can be found at the Alex Johnson Gift Shoppe