Spirit Reigned Christmas!

              "White Buffalo Calf and Family"
                            22" x 14"
                            Available for pick up at:
                       The Alex Johnson Gift Shoppe
                            608 St. Joseph Street,
                             Rapid City, SD 57701
                       Original Artwork Painted with Acrylics on a Turkey Feather
                          Framing by Celtic Connection 6th Street, Rapid City SD

Small Business Saturday!

I will be painting at Celtic Connection from 10:00AM to 6:00PM


Assorted ornaments to be displayed!

Running Horses to be framed

Be Sure to also visit

 Alex Johnston Gift Shoppe to see other items created by Spirit Reigned Art

*Single Feathers
*Framed Feathers
*Wine Bottled Feathers

See you  downtown!

                 Great Gift Ideas for Christmas 

               at the Alex Johnson Gift Shoppe downtown Rapid City

"Fighting Elk"

Original created painting on a Turkey Feather
Oak Frame, shadow box look, double matt
Framing by Celtic Connection
Priced at $118.

                                               "White  Buffalo Calf"

                                                  Original created painting on a Turkey Feather
                                                   Barn wood type frame shadow box look,
                                                     great for a study, or library 
                                                    Framing by Celtic Connection
                                                             Priced at $118.

Pen and Ink

"That Dang Cat"

Dragon "Inks"

That Dang Cat, one of the Dragon Inks I created while in 
competition with my son.  Unfortunately he wasn't as enthused 
with my competitive spirit as I was at the time.  Since then my 
son has achieved his "Masters" degree in Fine Arts and I often 
find myself asking him questions.  the Spirit of excitement is still
 there however when ever I pick up any drawing  or painting

"Here Kitty, Kitty"
"Flight check"

Obviously, Kyle the name of my
character shouldn't have messed
with the cat and is why he needed
the band aid.

 "Kyle can Play" perhaps the girl 
Dragons love the go-tee.

My tribute to Harley Motorcycles and their
popularity here as every cycle fan heads for 
Sturgis for its' famous "Motorcycle Rally"
Kelly a friend let me draw this picture of his nice ride
for Kyle to use.

Could it be possible after a long ride one gets hungry?
"Knight on a Stick"   great fast food.

Now for the Birthday Boys, what's
a cake without candles! Not much 
fun for our Dragon friends its a 
little tough blowing them out.

Pen and Ink drawings;

Dragons are available in prints ready
to frame in an 8x10  matt for $10.00 each or
                                                                                       7 for $50.00 (plus shipping)
They are also available in note cards for $4.00 each.

July is warming up

I am getting ready for Sturgis 75th Motorcycle Rally realizing I am having trouble building up artwork to sell! I have been painting like crazy. Paintings take time and I want quality work. I keep reminding myself I am not a manufacturer. My work is not based on prints each one is an original, These new pieces will be featured at the Alex Johnson Gift Shop

This one on the right is a bottle of

A " Buffalo" and below              'Three Wild Ones"


June has been a busy month!

 A custom pastel portrait 
of three beautiful German
shepherds. A birthday gift
for an awesome neighbor.
     A pair of wood ducks, such a beautiful pair.
  Another three some of beloved dogs, Boo, Angel, and Cocoa.
                                      And while the Blue Grass Festival in Sturgis, SD a prize mule deer!

Art and Wine     Festival 

Saturday June 13
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Main Street Square

Hopefully the rain will
have taken a break.

Featuring "Little Red Riding Hoot" and
"Big Bad Wolf" Two Screech Owls
that are part of Raptor Education put on by
Black Hills Raptors
New Artwork for Wine bottles coming!!

New ornaments  and a Great Horned Owl painting in a Wine Bottle

Great Horned Owl

 Buffalo on white turkey feather

Wolf  Pair Ornament

Lance pastel: finished and framed photo to follow soon

Pastel Pet Portraits

Pastel Pet Portrait 

Created by using photo's of your fuzzy family member. Framing available through Celtic Connection my trusted framing expert. Portrait measures 11x14 . Portrait available for $100.00 framing extra.


"Welcome to Spirit Reigned Website:"

       I have been painting since I was very young and with acrylics becoming more flexible I have become
more inspired. I love painting animals and for the past three years have been painting on turkey feathers. I have found painting is my alleluia to my creator!         This is the reason why I chose Spirit Reigned to be the name of my business as without the "Spirit" of my Creator I am nothing. I welcome custom work.  So if you have a furry family member you would like painted on a feather e-mail me at this site or at cebonyrun@yahoo.com.