July is warming up

I am getting ready for Sturgis 75th Motorcycle Rally realizing I am having trouble building up artwork to sell! I have been painting like crazy. Paintings take time and I want quality work. I keep reminding myself I am not a manufacturer. My work is not based on prints each one is an original, These new pieces will be featured at the Alex Johnson Gift Shop

This one on the right is a bottle of

A " Buffalo" and below              'Three Wild Ones"


June has been a busy month!

 A custom pastel portrait 
of three beautiful German
shepherds. A birthday gift
for an awesome neighbor.
     A pair of wood ducks, such a beautiful pair.
  Another three some of beloved dogs, Boo, Angel, and Cocoa.
                                      And while the Blue Grass Festival in Sturgis, SD a prize mule deer!